Oskar Alliku Kodu NPO offers training and counselling for specialists working with the children of the target group, parents of the target group and other interested people. We offer training from the list of courses held previously. However, you can also request training based on your / your institution’s needs and interests.

Past courses

What is milieu therapy – is it needed in Estonia and why? 23.01.21

Target group:
professionals in the field, parents, persons interested in the field

Potential of the application of milieu therapy 20.02.21

Target group: 
specialists in the field, special schools

The team as a shaper of a child’s mental health in the kindergarten 23.02.21

Target group:
kindergarten teachers, specialists working with young children, parents

If you wish to order training or a consultation session, please contact us by e-mail:

Counselling is provided by Anne Daniel-Karlsen on Wednesdays from 12 noon to 2 pm upon prior registration.

Since 2010, Anne Daniel-Karlsen has conducted several courses for child protection specialists, youth workers, teachers, social workers, police and victim support workers, and others on the topic of “Domestic violence through the eyes of a child”, highlighting the impact of the intimate partner violence on a child.

The first book on violence against children in Estonia, “A story about a small oak tree, anger and a crow”, has been published in Estonia in 2015, in cooperation with Juhan Püttsepp and Jarõna Ilo. This book, accompanied by a dedicated methodological material, has been published and introduced to 12 schools and kindergartens across Estonia.


The aim is to create a competence centre unit operating in the Pepleri Milieu Therapy Centre, which will provide training and counselling for specialists working with children in the target group, parents of the target group and other interested parties. It is possible to choose from the courses conducted as well as to order the training based on the needs, interests and specifics of the institution. Milieu therapy is only applicable in the context of a milieu therapy centre. However, the therapeutic approach offers help in working with children in different child care institutions; to various professionals working with children, as well as to parents. In addition to the parents of the children of the Pepleri Milieu Therapy Centre, several other Estonian institutions have visited or participated in trainings to get acquainted with the content and the organization of the milieu therapy work. These include Jaanikese and Urvaste School, Maria Children NGO, Kõpu Youth Home, SOS Children’s Village Orphanage and others.


Counselling is provided by a child psychiatrist, other team members are involved, if necessary. Counselling takes place once a week by appointment, the duration of which depends on the specific case (two hours on average). It is possible for everyone to participate in counselling on a first-come-first-served basis.

“We were looking for a safe place to live and attend school in a new town for a traumatized child. We arrived there – not just a care home, but HOME. A place where love lived, where there was room for joy, where memories could be created. Our thanks go to the whole team! ”

A parent (two years after the young person’s stay in a milieu therapy centre)