In the period 01.04.2021- 30.09.2022 and with the support of the Active Citizens’ Fund NGO Oskar Alliku Kodu is implementing the project “Potential of the application of milieu therapy in Estonia”. The total cost of the project is € 43,204.83.

The direct beneficiaries of the project are children/adolescents with severe and permanent mental and behavioural disorders who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder that prevents them from coping with their schooling and daily life. The age group of the project is 12-18 years. The target groups of the project are also: the network members, who might be interested in the development of a milieu therapy centre service; the local community, who want to be involved in the development of a centre in Peedu and who want to reduce ignorance, unfounded fears and prejudices. The knowledge and competence of the milieu therapy centre team will also grow.

In the course of the project, an information day, trainings, a camp, and a study trip will be held, the website of Peedu Milieu Center will be created and literature on milieu therapy will be translated from Norwegian into Estonian.

The project partner is Larkollen’s therapy centre in Norway, which has decades of experience in the field, and with whom mutual experience and knowledge will be shared through training and study trips.

As an outcome of the project, the network members’ knowledge of milieu therapy and rehabilitation opportunities for children with mental traumas will have increased, the capacity of NGOs in the field expanded, cooperation with the community improved and mentoring relations with the Norwegian partner strengthened.